Unfortunately, the Green Mountain Relay will not be held this year, nor are their plans to hold it again. Registration simply did not come anywhere close to meeting our expectations, and the event would not have lived up to them as a result. If you are a team captain and have not received an email regarding your refund, please email

Rules Of The Race

We want you to have 200 miles of fun and we want you to be safe, but this is also a race and there are some rules! Please note that breaking any of these rules will result in time penalties or in some cases, automatic disqualification. Please also review the Rules Of The Road.

Prior To The Race

  • All teams must fulfill the volunteer requirement. Failure to abide by either of the two volunteer options will result in the team being unable to start or in the team’s disqualification.
  • All waivers, including signed waivers from your volunteers, must be signed and turned in at the start. If waivers are not signed by ALL runners, volunteers, and van drivers, teams will not be permitted to start. No exceptions.
  • The minimum age for participants is eighteen years.
  • Teams that “fudge” their times to earn an earlier start time will have a two-hour penalty added to their finish time. This penalty will be administered if a team finishes two or more hours earlier than their predicted finish time.

The Basics

  • Teams divide themselves into 1-2 groups with up to six runners per vehicle. While the active van’s crew is completing their legs, the runners in the resting van can shower, eat, or rest as they prepare for their legs.
  • On standard teams, Runners 1-6 will be assigned to Van 1, which will be active on legs 1-6, 13-18, and 25-30, and Runners 7-12 will be assigned to Van 2, which will be active on legs 7-12, 19-24, and 31-36.
  • On ultra teams, all runners will be in the same van, which will always be active.
  • As a runner finishes his or her leg, he or she will hand off the baton to the next runner at the exchange. The active van then drives on to the Exchange to wait for the runner to arrive.
  • When Runner 6 hands the baton to Runner 7, Van 1 finishes its six legs and Van 2 begins, thereby becoming the active van. When Runner 12 hands the baton to Runner 1, Van 1 becomes active again. These exchanges are called van exchanges and occur at every sixth exchange (6, 12, 18, 24, 30). Every sixth exchange is designated as a van exchange so that the active runners — who have completed their six legs — can have time to rest and the resting runners — who are prepared to run their six legs — are ready to be active; it’s basically the active and resting van changing roles.
  • During the late night/early morning hours, the resting van will pre-position itself at the next van exchange. During this “down” time, runners may set up a small camp with sleeping bags to try to get a bit of sleep before it is their turn to run again.
  • Captains may calculate and anticipate the timing of van exchanges by using pace estimates of runners. To allow for error, resting vans should arrive at van exchanges 30 minutes prior to the predicted hand-off. Cell phones and two-way radios are useful for van communications. However, please note that there are some sections of the relay route where there is no cell phone coverage.
  • If a runner makes a wrong turn, the runner must return to the course on foot to the point on the course where the error occurred; he or she may then resume the race.
  • Each team is required to turn in a completed scoring sheet with each runner’s leg time in order to receive finisher medals. Scoring sheets will be provided.

If A Runner Becomes Sick Or Injured (Competitive Sub-Divisions)

  • If a runner becomes injured or ill and is unable to finish, the next runner in the rotation (of the same gender if the team is co-ed) may substitute at the point of injury and continue the leg.
  • A hand-off must occur at the next exchange. A runner may not complete one leg and then also run the next leg.
  • The injured runner may not run again.
  • One or more runners will be required to run extra legs.
  • The original order of runners must be maintained.
  • No more than one substitution per leg is permitted.
  • Female participants must run a minimum of seventeen legs, or a mixed team will be reclassified.

Start Times

Team starting times won’t be announced until the week after registration closes.