Unfortunately, the Green Mountain Relay will not be held this year, nor are their plans to hold it again. Registration simply did not come anywhere close to meeting our expectations, and the event would not have lived up to them as a result. If you are a team captain and have not received an email regarding your refund, please email

GMR 101

So, what exactly is the Green Mountain Relay?

In short, it’s an overnight relay race that will give new meaning to the word team. You might never look at running the same again — and we mean that in the best way possible.

The Green Mountain Relay, set in mostly rural Vermont, is a 200-mile, team-focused relay race made up of 36 legs. Each team consists of either twelve runners (Standard teams) or six runners  (Ultra teams). Only one runner is hitting the pavement (or trail) at a time, and it doesn’t matter if you’re an elite athlete or someone who recently took up running for fun. This one-of-a-kind event has room for all level of runners. Getting those 200 miles in is a total team effort, and everyone is welcome.

Here’s how it works: Standard teams supply two vehicles  — an active van and a resting van. The active van is the vehicle that carries runners completing the current six legs; the resting van carries the other six runners, who’ll be running the next set of six legs. Ultra teams only need one van; thus, their van is always active.

Runners in the resting van of standard teams will have an opportunity to eat, rest, and maybe even shower (!) before they become the active van, geared up to run their race legs. The cycle continues two more times until all 36 legs and 200 miles have been run by the team.

The Green Mountain Relay is self-supporting; teams need to stock their vans with water, food, sports drinks, and first-aid kits — whatever the team members need, basically. We’ve prepared a good list for you. The relay roads aren’t closed, and there are no fuel or aid stations at the volunteer-manned exchanges. Sounds fun as well as challenging, right? Consider figuring out the race day — and night — logistics part of the insanely memorable group bonding experience that is an integral part of the GMR!

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